Portfolio Cases


Sodiê Doces

2015 - Brazil
Branding, Webdesign and Digital Advertising

Problem: Launching of the brand Sodiê Doces in the South American market generating new orders and expanding the Franchise market.

Solution: Creation of a new logo and visual concept for the brand, putting the brand and products in a premium position. Developing a new Website and promoting it through digital Advertising campaigns on videos and static Ads, also segmented campaigns to acquire new national scale Franchises and a new whole website for affiliates.


× Creation of a new Logo/brand
× Creation of Digital identity
× Website development
× Positioning of the Brand on the market
× Creative campaigns for social media
× Videos and Image production



2016 - Brazil
Campaign Creation, Art Direction, Social Media Strategy

Problem: Launching the new version of Fiat Cinquencento and make it popular on the Social Media.

Solution: Creation of Ads and illustrations for the Fiat social media pages. All the ads were created with a social and friendly visual appeal relating the brand with a modern and fun audience.
The project was realized by Bruno Mucheroni with the agency Click Isobar.


× Illustrations for Social Media Posts
× Creation of the visual campaign for 500
× Social Media Art direction for FB
× Concept Creation for Reactions with Social Media


Founder: Bruno Pires Mucheroni

Brazilian and multinational brand enthusiast, 15 years helping companies and projects to launch and scale on the digital world. Currently settled in Europe.

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