Prima Marca’s contribution to launching Dolce Gusto in the Brazilian digital market was achieved through understanding the design and the potential possibilities of the machine.

More than 100 Ad's and Image work

With one quarter of creative production, we provided a substantial stock of materials to support the communication efforts for Dolce Gusto, ranging from photo production to websites and creative ads.

45% of indiviual Nescafé doses growth

Over time, Dolce Gusto has become the leader in the Brazilian market.


The digital launch of the Dolce Gusto Mini Me was an initiative from Arno and Polishop, the largest multichannel retailer in Brazil, well known for introducing best-selling products and solutions in the country.


Bruno Mucheroni, Creative Director, was responsible for the digital launch of the new coffee machine. With an amazing team effort between Polishop and great minds like Rogério Nogueira, Fernando Coelho, Robson Ramos, Osvaldo Martins, Fernanda Brinati, and others, the project design and product launch were a success.


Show to the final customer how easy and modern the Dolce Gusto Mini mi can be. A versatile and beautiful way to have your daily coffee or many varieties of drinks for each time of the day. 

Showcasing the design and all the possibilities the product has to offer for day-to-day routines is crucial in conveying its modernity and ease to the final customer. This involves demonstrating how to execute different drink varieties and providing a comprehensive understanding of the process. The main approach employed in this endeavor was to apply 3D design and conduct photo shoots to present the final results, effectively connecting the usage of the machine with each situation relevant to the associated drinks.
During the launch, numerous users engaged with the product across social media and the webshop, resulting in more than 1,000 interactions per day with the 3D machine and a plethora of comments regarding the drink options it offers. For instance, customers were commenting, “I didn’t know I could make tea with it!” As a result, Dolce Gusto has now become the top-selling coffee machine in Brazil.

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