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We are a hub of digital experts specialised in video production and edition for campaigns that drive result's around the world. In collab with Luz Studio we execute interactive motion design.

Deliciously Engaging: Elevate Your Food Market Business with Our Captivating Videos!

Showcasing mouthwatering dishes and promotions, our videos drive high-level engagement for the food market industry.

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Brazil | Studio Luz

Burger King - Behind our Food | All rights reserved to Burger King

Brazil | Studio Luz

Submarino - Download the app | All rights reserved to Submarino

Advertising video for Influencers campaign

Advertising video for App download promotion: Are you looking to increase downloads for your mobile app?With our extensive network of influencers and our strategic approach to social media marketing, we can help your brand reach new heights.

Get the Honest Scoop: Engage Audiences with Our Street Interview Comparison Videos

Captivating and authentic, our videos gather real-life opinions to spark discussions and drive audience engagement

Brazil | Studio Luz

Faber Castell - Real Images or Faber Castell Colours? | All rights reserved to Faber Castell

Brazil | Studio Luz

PagSeguro - Mobile Payment Gateway | All rights reserved to PagSeguro

Banking on Success: Capture Attention with Compelling Payment and Online Banking Promos!

Our sleek videos inspire trust, showcase features, and enhance engagement for payment and online banking services.

Elevate Your Clubbing Experience and Advertising

Dynamic advertising videos for clubs with stunning visuals and thumping beats to showcase your venue.

Brazil | Studio Luz

Mibr Socio - Be More than a Fan | All rights reserved to Mibr

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Brazil | Studio Luz

Logitech's Social Media Campaign | All rights reserved to Logitech

Stay Ahead of the Game in the Tech Industry

Forward-thinking advertising videos for the technology industry that showcases your company's innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology, designed to position your brand as a leader in the market.

Explore our portfolio and discover the power of video for your brand. Start your audit to know how we can help you create an outstanding video that will make your brand stand out!

Studio Luz

Interactive Motion - Brazillian Collab

Our goal is to create amazing and effective videos that can help businesses to achieve their marketing objectives. In this page, you can find our case studies and a selection of videos produced by our talented designers and producers partners in Brazil and Europe, mainly in collaboration with Studio Luz.

Drive Your Brand Forward with Internal Communication videos

A visually-stunning advertising video for the car industry that showcases the features and benefits of your brand, designed to increase sales and brand awareness.

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Brazil | Studio Luz

Volkswagen - Internal Communication | All rights reserved to VolksWagen

Brazil | Studio Luz

Rael's Music Video Clip | All rights reserved to Rael's and Producers

Hit the Right Note with Your Music Promotion

A visually-stunning advertising video for the music industry that showcases the talents of artists and the power of your label, designed to create buzz and drive sales.

Banking Made Simple with Online Banking

A user-friendly advertising video for online banking that showcases the benefits of using your bank's online services, designed to increase sign-ups and customer loyalty.

Brazil | Studio Luz

Neon Bank's Personal Credit Video | All rights reserved to Neon Bank

Brazil | Studio Luz

Net - The Sales Day | All rights reserved to NET

The Best experience for the in Television Entertainment advertising industry

A captivating advertising video for TV channels that showcases the variety and quality of your programming, designed to attract new viewers and retain existing ones.

Online Apps Advertising Video

A video that highlights the features and benefits of your online app or digital solution. Great for social media and Google campaigns.

Brazil | Studio Luz

Doris App | All rights reserved to Doris

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Brazil | Studio Luz

Samsung - Creators | All rights reserved to Samsung

Mobile Industry Advertising Video

Dynamic videos that showcases your mobile product in action. Great for social media, YouTube and Google campaigns.

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