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Unlocking the algorithms with the brand awareness

Products are made in a factory but brands are created in the mind

Every brand strives to boost their digital relevance — not only to reach, engage, delight, and meet customer expectations – but also to improve lead generation, build loyalty and increase sales. Yes, your brand have the power, and we have the formula.

What is Prima Marca?

Prima Marca is a Digital Lab built by certified professionals around the world helping startups & enterprises to build Digital Customer Experiences that convert. 


Where we look at?

  • An unwavering focus on the customer, their needs, experiences and how best to engage with them;
  • Using digital technology to rapidly accelerate development of new products and services;
  • Structuring differently, moving away from traditional hierarchies into flatter more agile teams, squads and tribes.

Trusted customers worldwide

What we do

Digital Strategy and Advertising

Digital Marketing Scale and Growth on the main advertising platforms.

Analyses of the current situation of the business;

Market research;

SKU, Target and Audience Planning;

Setup Ad professional accounts and platforms;

Generate and setup Tracking id’s;

Landing page setup for Campaigns;

Campaigns and Ad-sets setup;

Ad’s Copywriting or Translations;

Creation of Ad’s;

Campaigns activation;

Campaigns tracking and analyses;

Campaigns improvements and updates;

Reports and Improvements.

Webdesign and Development

Creation of Responsive
Websites and Landing pages.

Conversion traffic strategy;

Server and Data base configuration;

UX and UI structure;

Design and Digital Identity Consumption;

Product and SKU Planning and Preparation;

WP Platform configuration;

Pages Layout and Development;

Translations Setup;

Responsiveness Customization;

Optimization & Security;

SEO Setup;

Tracking and Reports Setup;

Finalization and Maintenance

Request a brand analysis

Our Research and Design team will get in touch with your project and elaborate a short presentation for your growth plan.


Founder: Bruno Pires Mucheroni

Brazilian and multinational brand enthusiast, 15 years helping companies and projects to launch and scale on the digital world. Currently settled in Europe.

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People expect more of brands than ever before. They expect brands to go beyond.