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Prima Marca is a fusion of passionated digital experts.

Embark on Your Growth Journey with Prima Marca

Leveraging our expertise and partnership with top-notch platforms such as Meta and Google Ad Business, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to manage and scale your business effectively. With customised strategy from our global specialists, we extend the reach and impact of your ads to achieve maximum results.


Business Assessment

Mapping your business potentials and identifying opportunities

KPI Alignment

Tailoring metrics that resonate with your objectives

Analytic Reporting

Specialized, comprehensible reports for actionable insights

Metrics & GA4

Navigating through the vast sea of data with GA4, we unveil insights that become the beacon for your digital voyage.

Budget Management

Precision in financial planning and allocation ensures that your budget is both, an asset and a strategy.

ROI Focused

Ensuring each strategy and action is tuned to maximize your return on investment.

Inspiring brands to go beyond with:

Advertising Set-up

Launch Ready: Complete Advertising Setup

Advertising Management

Enhanced strategies for superior results

Advertising Enterprise

Unlimited Ad Strategies, Tailored for You

*: "Managed Budget" denotes your ad spend on platforms like Google, Meta, LinkedIn, or TikTok, separate from our service fee. We will top up your ad accounts post service initiation with the defined budget.
*²: Advertising Set-up required.


Stage 1
We manage one onboarding call to analyse your business assessment, content, and materials.
Stage 2
We execute deep market research and find potential entry points.
Stage 3
We check your ad accounts and set up your business.
Stage 4
We prepare the strategy and activate the campaigns.
Stage 5
We maintain daily optimisation and weekly reports, improving your results.
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€1M+ managed

Your budget is in experienced hands, sculpting maximum ROI from every cent spent.

100+ Brands Scaled

Your growth story is penned with the ink of our experience, having elevated over 100 brands globally.

Certified Partners

Our specialists are Google & Meta certified partners, ensuring premium ad placements and optimal use of features and your budget.

Handpicked Global Talents, Crafting Tomorrow's Innovations.

Understand our Advertising services

Digital solutions on demand with specialised customer support to scale your business.

Streamline your presence on Meta and Google Ad Business platforms with our expert assistance in setting up and configuring your accounts.

Develop a tailored advertising strategy that aligns with your business goals and leverages market insights to maximize your advertising ROI.

Leave the complexities of campaign setup to our team as we create highly targeted and engaging campaigns that drive results.

Captivate your audience with visually stunning and persuasive ad creatives that convey your brand message effectively. We will request your material and in case you don’t have content for the Ad Creatives we will present our creative artists offers.

Benefit from proactive ad campaign management as we monitor performance, track KPIs, and optimize campaigns for optimal results.

Optimize your advertising budget with our strategic allocation and bidding strategies to ensure maximum ROI and minimized wasteful spending.

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Growth Consulting

Strategic insights and actionable advice to accelerate your business growth. Chat with Us >

Paid Advertising

Unleash your brand's potential on Meta Business and Google Ads.


E-commerce platforms that transform browsing into buying with secure shopping experiences.

Web Development

Crafting elegant, responsive websites and applications tailored for results.

Wordpress Hosting

We ensure your Wordpress performs at its peak, always.

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