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Leave the technological complexities to us and focus on what truly matters – your business. With Prima Marca, you lead the market while we ensure your technological needs are more than met.

Scalable Solutions: Grow your business with a webshop that evolves with you.

Time-Saving Efficiency: Focus on your business while we handle all technical aspects.

Global Compliance and Security: Rest assured with GDPR compliance and secure transactions.

We Handle the Tech, you Lead the Market.

15 Years of Expertise: Leveraging our extensive experience in developing global e-commerce solutions.

Trusted Customer Worldwide

Woocommerce Specialised Services.

We delivery the best customised store for your business success.

Manage your products and orders

Get full support to manage your orders and products in real time

Full Optimisation for Success

Enjoy the best optimisation of Woocommerce for online results


Sell your products in any device, pixel perfect mobile optimisation

"It's the best way to have a webshop - a full team of specialists that changed our path forever. I will always be grateful. Our results are uncountable."

Ivo Pavlovic – CEO of Witrina

How it works?

Book a Call to Start

We will understand your project, fine-tune the webshop to your brand, setting up secure hosting, and integrating convenient payment solutions. If you are not happy with our first call and set-up process it's money back guarantee.

Launch the Webshop

We ensure a smooth launch of your webshop, equipped with advanced analytics for performance tracking.

Maintenance & Growth

Our ongoing support includes regular maintenance, monthly performance reports, and responsive customer service, facilitating continuous growth and adaptation of your e-commerce platform.

Transform Your Vision into Reality with Expert Guidance

We’ve built a network of over 250 digital specialists who all share one thing in common: a hunger to elevate businesses. Start with us and let’s build the best team to execute, launch, and optimise results with speed.
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Develop with the best tools, with expert hands.

Responsive Design: Fully adaptive for mobile and desktop, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

SEO Excellence: Achieve high organic search engine rankings.

Apple Watch Alerts: Stay updated with automated order reports and notifications.

Email Marketing and CRM Integration: Expand your reach and customer relationship management.

Analytics and Tracking: For informed decision-making and enhanced performance.

Webshop Development Croatia

Book a call with our experts and let's dive into your product and strategy to build the right plan for launching, optimising, and scaling your online shop.


What is Prima Marca Webshop and how does it work?

Prima Marca is a specialized web agency with 15 years of experience, based in Zagreb, Croatia, and supported by a network of experts across America and Europe. We specialize in WordPress and WooCommerce, crafting customized webshops with a focus on growth and digital success. Once you pay the setup fee, our process is as follows:

  • Initial Consultation: We discuss your vision and requirements.
  • Information Gathering: Collecting details about your products and company.
  • Content Refinement: Customizing content to match your brand.
  • Server Setup: Setting up your webshop on our secure German hosting environment.
  • Customization: Personalizing the store to reflect your brand.
  • Payment Gateway Setup: Integrating Stripe or PayPal for safe transactions.
  • Language Support: Adding multilingual capabilities with Weglot (additional cost).
  • Automated Systems: Setting up automated emails and notifications.
  • Activation: Launching your tailor-made webshop.
  • Ongoing Maintenance: Providing continual support and growth assistance.

Our Webshops maintenance count with a service routine to support your growth, including:

  • All features of our Optimised WordPress Hosting
  • Priority Customer Support via Whatsapp
  • Starting with 3 Hours of Web Design/Month*
  • Periodic Site Performance Checks
  • Scheduled Content Updates (as required)
  • Wordpress and Plugins Updates
  • Monthly Report and Growth Strategy Follow-up
  • Ideal for Webshops & Lead Management
  • Webshop Growth Hacking Tatics Advising 
  • Support for Translation Set-up*²

*Upgrade your development hours on the go.

*² We recommend and assist with the setup and maintenance of Weglot for your webshop translations. However, our prices do not include the writing or translation of your content. If needed, we will provide a separate quote for these services.

Our webshop pricing is designed to scale with your needs. The starting package includes a €1,000 one-time setup fee and a monthly fee of €270. This covers all essential WordPress WooCommerce plugins like Elementor, RankMath, WPRocket, and FluentForms. Our team is dedicated to offering solutions that align with your business growth, adapting to your budget and market presence.

Our webshops are hosted on secure servers in Germany, ensuring optimal performance with daily backups and security checks. This hosting, suitable for up to 80,000 daily visitors, is included in your plan. For domain registration, we can assist in the setup process, with any domain-related costs being your responsibility.

No, you don’t need any design or development skills. Our skilled designers and developers will handle all aspects of your webshop’s creation and design. Our customer success team will guide you in managing your orders, which is the most crucial aspect for you to understand.

Choosing Prima Marca means opting for guaranteed success with full customer support tailored to your specific needs. We handle all the technical aspects, allowing you to concentrate on leading your market and focusing on what’s truly important – your business.

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